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Purchase a Fire Relief Forever Cold and Help Napa and Sonoma

On October 8th, multiple wildfires broke out in and around Napa Valley, the place Waves Gear and Kawartha Outdoor call home. Five neighboring counties have been affected by this disaster. While firefighters are still working tirelessly to contain these fires, over 210,000 acres have been burned, 5,700+ homes and business destroyed and 42 lives taken with 50 people still unaccounted for.

While much progress has been made to stop the devastation, our community now faces a long road to recovery. All of us at Waves feel extremely fortunate to have a place to still call home, unfortunately, many people do not. With your help, we hope to help as many people as possible rebuild their lives. For the next few weeks, we will be donating 100% of net proceeds from all Forever Cold sales to aid the victims of these fires. All Forever Colds have been reduced to $18 for a 34 oz. bottle and $16 for a 25 oz. bottle.

100% of Net Proceeds will be donated to Help Napa and Sonoma Counties Rebuild

“The bag is way bigger than I imagined! It's extremely durable and waterproof and definitely what I needed for my trip.”

— Marty
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