Wednesday Wave Vol. 24

Wednesday Wave Vol. 24

Lava Beds National Monument By Dave Riggs via Flickr

New Place // Lava Beds National Monument 

A friend recently told me about her seventh-grade class trip just a few hours away to the "lava tubes" where they were crawling on hands and knees in the pitch black. Not really believing her, I had to investigate myself and discovered Lava Beds National Monument in the remote northeastern part of California. Formed 30,000 to 40,000 years ago by two craters Mammoth and Modoc, its largest concentration of lava tubes on the North American Continent. As the lava flowed, a hard crust formed on the surface while the lava below continued to flow carving tunnels and caves. Today you can explore the tubes via 25 or so hiking trails of varying difficulty from a casual walk to crawling on hands and knees through tight spaces. I definitely have a new destination on my list!

Cool Thing // Phone Screen Protector

Knock on wood, I have never broken my iPhone screen and probably never will thanks to my screen protector and I drop my phone a lot. I’ve cracked my phone case and screen protector but my phone has always made it out alive and well. There are a number of screen protectors on the market but one that I trust and use is Invisible Shield by Zagg. The tempered glass looks just like your normal screen and does not peel or discolor. The best part is it comes with a lifetime guarantee which I have take advantage of more than once. It’s well worth the $39.

Best Self // Natural Headache Remedy

When I get a headache the last thing I reach for is ibuprofen. I’ll try every trick in the book to get rid of it naturally or just deal. Now being pregnant, not popping a pill has become even more important. A few weeks ago a friend turned me on to the Headache Zapper by Sumbody. Completely natural and made from a blend of essential oils, this stuff works wonders and smells incredible. At the first sign of a headache or even if I’m just feeling a little foggy, I’ll rub a few drops on my temples, third eye, and then take a big whiff. I honestly can’t believe how well this stuff works and how I made it so long without it.

Happy Hump Day,


I gotta say Bud, the use of punctuation is over-rated and too often over-used! I think we all got the idea clearly enough… and yu jst nd a fw letrs 2 b undrstd


Great information, and useful also!

As an aside, your opening paragraph in the email “teaser” is a Run-on-Sentence without the proper use of punctuation. Punctuation allows the reader to pause ever so slightly, to take in a breath. And, when one puts a series of items together, Semi-colons may be used. Try reading it aloud, to see the difference.

In this Week’s Wave…

Travel to a remote area in northern California to explore lava tubes; An important accessory to protect your phone from destruction; And how to cure a headache without ibuprofen.

I enjoy my Wave Jug. It keeps ice cubes for more than 24 hours! I’ve purchased 3 additional now. Two of the 25 ounce and two of the 34! Keep up the good work!

In this Week’s Wave…

Travel to a remote area in northern California to explore lava tubes; an important accessory to protect your phone from destruction and how to cure a headache without ibuprofen.

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