Wednesday Wave Vol. 8

Wednesday Wave Vol. 8

New Place // Half Dome, Yosemite

Last summer the Waves team was able to spend a short day in Yosemite National Park on our way to Mt Whitney. We did not have much time but we were able to squeeze in a short hike to Bridalveil Falls and pulled off the road more than a few times to stare at the incredible views. I have been itching to get back to spend a few days exploring and complete one of the most challenging hikes in the park – the climb to the top of Half Dome.

The hike is about 14-16 miles round trip which can take up to 10-12 hours. No mountaineering equipment is needed via the Cable Route but it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. The National Park Service website has great information on what to expect, when to go and some basic preparation advice. The hike also requires 1 of the 300 permits available each day awarded via a lottery system. You can also opt to enter the daily lottery in which about 50 permits are available.

Time to start working on the upper body strength!

Cool Thing // All Trails App

If you enjoy hiking, running or biking and have not downloaded the All Trails App, do it now. It makes planning your outdoor adventure easy and painless. I have only used the app when hiking so I am not able to comment from the perspective of a biker or runner. But in regards to hiking, it is one of the best resources I have found.

The app allows you to easily locate and compare over 50,000 trails in North America. Not only can you search by city, park or trail, you can get really specific with filters such as difficulty, fishing, dog-friendly, length, trail traffic, to name a few. Each trail has a profile that includes reviews and pictures from actual users. You can also share your hikes and follow friends who are using the app. If you want to take it a step further, purchase the pro version for even more options.

Best Self // Reducing Plastic Consumption

A few weekends ago a friend and I headed to Kehoe Beach in Tomales Bay. We took a short hike, frolicked on the beach, drank champagne and ate oysters. We had a blast. Unfortunately two weeks later the thing that really stuck with me from that day is the amount of plastic we encountered on the beach. It was not just a few pieces here and there it was everywhere, all shapes, sizes, and colors.

This was the first time I have ever encountered this much pollution on a beach and it really hit me hard. For years I’ve been carrying a reusable water bottle and bringing my own grocery bags but I know there is a lot more I can do. A few more things I will be adding to my list to reduce my plastic footprint:

  1. No more plastic utensils (I will be bringing a reusable set to store at work)
  2. Use bars of soap instead of liquid (Or use refillable dispensers and buy larger containers)
  3. Using Bamboo or recycled plastic Toothbrushes (a major contributor to plastic waste)
  4. Buying laundry detergent in cardboard boxes instead of plastic

**Check out this top 10 list for easy changes you can make.

I have also been looking into organizations such as the California Coastal Trail Association and Ocean Conservancy to get involved on a larger scale.

Check out this fact sheet on plastics in the ocean to get a sense of how urgent reducing the number of plastic products we are consuming is. Cutting out plastics completely might sound crazy to some but there is an old saying…every little bit helps! 

Happy Hump Day,

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