Wednesday Wave Vol. 4

Wednesday Wave Vol. 4

Swimming with the Sea Turtles in Colombier Bay, St. Barths

New Place // Colombier Bay,St Barths

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in St. Barths. This French-speaking Caribbean island is known for its white sandy beaches, designer shops and is a favorite escape for the rich and famous. For me, however, the intrigue of the island lay in its crystal clear blue waters, which is where I spent most of my time.

Of the many incredible swimming spots, my favorite was Colombier Bay, a marine preserve protecting giant sea turtles, eagle rays, and sharks. The only way to access the Bay is by hiking a groomed path along the cliff, home to some remarkable tortoises and iguanas. This limited access point results in a stretch of sand much less crowded than the other island beaches. We did this hike and swim as an early morning adventure, which I highly recommend. Another notable dive/snorkel spot is Les Gros Islets located at the mouth of Gustavia harbor. Some of the most incredible fish and turtle watching is at Les Gros Islets, but if you go, be prepared to spot a few nurse sharks.

Cool Stuff // Benchmade Knives

I carry a pocketknife with me every day, and over the past few years have formed a nice little collection. I’ve purchased many different types and brands of pocket knives, but more often than not, I lean toward Benchmade. My very first Benchmade, a gift from my older brother, was from the Volli Family, with a beautiful serrated black coated blade. Since then I have added five or six additional Benchmade blades to my collection. They have great weight, smooth action, enduring sharpness, beautiful craftsmanship and they last a lifetime.

Best Self // Anti-Inflammatory Diet

I have been working with a Naturopathic doctor for about a year now. My Naturopathic doctor recommended an Anti-Inflammatory diet, and I must say, when I stick to it, the results are significant. I experience less muscle ache, more fluid and regular digestion, and a ton more energy. This style of eating entails some basic principals to follow, and you can eat almost all your normal foods.

The three main guidelines I try to stick to include:

  1. Eat at least 25 grams of fiber a day. I try to eat up to 40 grams.
  2. Eat a ton of greens, and then eat some more.
  3. Reduce consumption of processed food and sugar.

There is a lot more to an Anti-Inflammatory Diet, but this is a start. If you are interested in learning more, post in the comments and I will send you some of the documents my doctor has shared with me.

Blake Macleod


Mike – Really appreciate the support. Glad you are enjoying the Wednesday Wave.. Come visit Cali if the Indiana winter gets too brutal.

Carlos – I will see how I can create a PDF document that I will amend to the blog post. Please allow a week or so as I am traveling this week.. I will email you the document as well once it is complete.

Michael Hult

Enjoying the posts Blake! I’m not going to lie, I have been living vicariously through them from my desk. In the middle of Indiana winter, I don’t get to use my floating sunglasses as much as I would like, but it is comforting knowing that others are in the sunshine somewhere. Carry on!


Hey Blake. Can you post the documents on that diet?

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