Wednesday Wave Vol. 3

Wednesday Wave Vol. 3
Lost Coast Trail Via Jay Sterling Austin

New Place // Lost Coast Trail, Humboldt, CA

I’ve only heard that there are certain parts of this trail that are impassable because the tides will pull you out to sea. Sounds exciting! Talking about the Lost Coast Trail of course. Along with the impassable zones are amazing landscapes, a variety of wildlife and sunsets that are straight out of a magazine. This would be my first overnight thru-hike adventure and no better place to start, right?! Any tips or advice are always welcome. I’ve been looking at Social Hiker to get an overview of my trip, for maps and campground info and REI for Backpacking Essentials.

  • Distance: ~25 miles
  • Time: 3-4 Days
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Dogs: Yes
  • >Best Time To Go: May - September

New Thing // How to heat up my Coffee / Water / Food

In preparation for the Lost Coast Expedition, I looked at a number of cookware systems from Jetboil, Bio Lite as well as a number of others. Compared to car camping, weight seems to be the most important aspect of any product I am going to bring on the trail. With that in mind, I have settled on the Pocket Rocket Backpacking Stove.

Determining Factors For Purchase:

  • Great Reviews: 4.7 stars out of 5
  • Price: very affordable, $39
  • Weight: super lite, 3oz.
  • Size: takes up almost no space in my pack

Let me know if you’ve tried any others, and I'll keep ya posted on how this little baby works in the field!

Best Self // Poison Oak Survival Guide

I’ve just had my first encounter with poison oak and it has been nothing short of awful! Swollen arms, red patchy skin from head to toe, scratching sensation that never leaves, a doctor’s visit for steroid medication, and borderline depression because it was so out of control!

I’m here to help with some Tips and Tricks:

Golden Rules: DO NOT ITCH, it will spread the rash anywhere you touch. Try to leave areas uncovered as much as possible to dry out skin so oils don't spread. The need to itch becomes more intense while sleeping so a calming tea or night time sleep aid can help alleviate that sensation. Lastly, it is a very frustrating thing to deal with, so take it easy, stay positive and make sure you’re 100% rash free before you head out on your next adventure.

Keep Moving,

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