Wednesday Wave Vol. 27

Wednesday Wave Vol. 27

New Place // Mexico City 

Thinking of where to go next, I mostly focus on where is close to home and how economical I can be during my stay. For this week's Wave I decided to head south to the historic and culturally booming, Mexico City. There are many things to do, see, taste and places to stay in this city - because I'm not planning a trip today, I've focused on two aspects of Mexico City that attract many visitors: The History, and The Food. 


With over 150 museums in one city... how do you choose? I'm personally, not an avid museum-goer, but when I read there were so many to choose from I felt like I needed to investigate further. After reading and scrolling... and reading some more, I settled on a few of interest.

1: Museo Nacional de HistoriaI chose this one because it's a castle and there are objects and furniture to see aside from just paintings. I'm not a huge painting person. If I never see the Mona Lisa in person, that's ok with me! - but to walk around a castle and spend some time gazing at the imperial carriage? I can vibe with that. For Pictures check here - for more info, I recommend Trip Advisor

2: Museo de Frida KahloI'd drop by here mostly because Frida is such an iconic figure. To pass on seeing a museum that is described to "scream her character and bring her person to life" seems silly for me to do. Frida-on, my friends.

3: Museo del Niño - Papalote : The one real issue I have with museums is that you CANNOT touch ANYTHING! I like to touch things and similar to a child, when the sign says "do not touch", I want nothing more than to touch it (a trait I am unlikely to outgrow). Also, The Museo del Niño is rated by the New York Times as one of the largest "touch and do" museums in the world. We are talking about over 200 interactive exhibits. Hello!!! I mean just look at the outside and imagine the inside!

There are so many more museums to see if you venture to Mexico City and there are tours for DAYS - go see the pyramids or do a historic city tour by bus. Prices and times vary but I feel like I could live in Mexico City for 5 years and still not venture to all the museums and iconic places that exist there.


Living in the Napa Valley and growing up here my entire life, food is more than a passion, it's a lifestyle. When I travel, I love to eat, and I love to eat often. When I've talked with others of traveling abroad, whether it be for school or just for fun, I'm told the best way to get around, learn, and enjoy yourself is to meet a local and buddy up. This has certainly worked for me in the past but unless you're staying in a hostel where you are surrounded by people who want to meet other people, I recommend booking some tours. Mexico City has plenty of food tours for people like myself to indulge in. In my mind, there isn't any better way to spend your time than tasting your way through a new place. 

1: Gyde and SeekThis is a very personalized tour. You pick your tour guide, an area of the city or tell them what you like and what you're looking for, and they build a tour that revolves around your personal interests and tastes. This company also does tours for art, architecture, history, family, shopping, music, and nightlife, etc. AND, if you love them and venture to other countries, you can book through them in Buenos Aires, Santiago, and more. 

2: Eat Mexico: This company is most interesting to me because it ONLY focuses on food. You can wander to restaurants or you select a street food tour and in-home-cooking tour (fondas). It is a walking tour, so wear some comfortable shoes and come hungry!

3: Street food in general: I've been reading for a couple hours now and there are so so so many food options it's kind of overwhelming. The city seems to be booming with street food on every corner. My best suggestion would be to ask your hotel staff where their favorite tacos are, and then go there, no questions asked.

If you're interested in staying in Mexico City, I highly recommend Airbnb. Of the people I've talked to who have visited, many tend to go half-and-half with hotels and Airbnb - if you've never checked out their website, you need to! It's worth your time to see all the amazing other places to stay in cities and tree houses across the world. 

New Thing // Cord Taco

Ok so these help me stay sane when I am trying to find my headphones or charger in my purse or backpack. They vary in size, color, price, style, etc. By style I just mean that not all of them are taco shaped. 

1: This classic leather option from Amazon
2: Fun Cowhide available on Etsy
3: Another leather option available on Etsy

It's kind of one of those things that you didn't know you needed until you have it. Then you wonder how you ever lived without it. 

Best Self // Taking a break

I kind of struggle with this part of the blog post - "What is my best self?" "What do I do that makes me feel like my best self?" Well, friends, followers, and those new to the blog, I've decided that taking a break allows me to be my best self. 

For instance, last week I took off on a camping trip to Bridgeport, CA just outside of Mammoth Lakes for 3 days. I had my dog, great food, good company, and some nice whiskey. I didn't work (big kudos to my coworker, Ashley, for running customer support while I was away) and then when I arrived back home in Napa, I unpacked, repacked, and ventured up Highway 1 to Sea Ranch for an exclusive girl's weekend with a few of my best friends. Now, granted, this break was on a larger scale than what is needed (but I still loved every moment of it). 

This week I've realized that small breaks are beneficial as well. Ashley and I have been enjoying some phenomenal lunches at local spots in St. Helena this week. Not only did we eat like gods, but the weather was beautiful and we were smiling on our way back into the office. 

1: Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch: If you ever come to the Napa Valley, this is a must! That being said, order the artichoke. You won't regret it. Our entire office and staff think about it daily. 

2: Gott's Roadside: A great place with hearty salads, grubbin' burgers, and an all-outdoor-seating area. Bring your dog and enjoy your food - we did!

3: Clif Family Bruchetteria: One of the few food trucks in the valley, but hands down the BEST food truck in the valley. Located outside of their tasting room, you can stop by for lunch, drinks, rent a bike, or pick up a copy of Raising The Bar (how Clif Bar came to be).

On an even smaller scale, we hung a hammock in the office last week. I can tell you that if you don't have a hammock in your life, you probably need one. That being said, if you're not a productive person, stay far, FAR away from any hammock in sight. These 10-15-45 minute breaks have been every bit enjoyable. If you feel like you're the person who needs a hammock in their life, I recommend checking out Kawartha Outdoor - these are affordable and packable with suspension straps included!

The point is, I think it's important to reward yourself at least once a day. Whether it be a few stretches in your chair, a cat nap in a hammock, an hour long lunch with a friend, or a six-day sabbatical. Take the time to breathe and let yourself smile. Taking my lunch break (and having it be a really nice lunch break) made me eager to come to work the next day! Everyone has worth and I just encourage you daily to take a break in order to realize that worth and then celebrate it!


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