Wednesday Wave Vol. 23

Wednesday Wave Vol. 23

Antelope Canyon by LWYang via Flickr

New Place // Antelope Canyon

As someone that has never once been to the grand canyon but spends copious amounts of time on social media accounts like Instagram and Pinterest, I have this dream to go to Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Being located just outside of Navajo Country makes this destination even more intriguing because I have a love for Native American culture. I’m sure most of you reading this have at least heard of this winding canyon with striped walls, beams of light, and high temperatures. Well, I only found out about it recently and now I have this dream board in my mind of where I’ll be trying to replicate any and all photos I’ve seen online. Check out what Google has to offer as far as eye candy here. I’m assuming you all took the time to click over to my link…ISN’T IT FANTASTIC?! There is an upper and lower canyon - the difference is basically the cost you pay to get in, the width of the canyon, and a number of people you’ll potentially run into. I could speak on the matter for a while because I have all these little dreams in my head of what I’ll be doing when I get there, who I’ll be with, and how loud I’ll yell to catch an echo (if that’s a thing), but for now you can read more details from the knowledgeable National Parks Page.

New Thing // Inversion Table

At around age 8, I started dabbling in Yoga with my dad. Mostly because he needed someone to go with, and at age 8 you typically don't have a full agenda. So began yoga and the journey that lasted a few years until it ceased somewhere in and around the beginning of high school. Flash forward 8 years and as I find myself finishing college (and find my back in pain more than in the past). I started questioning why I stopped yoga in the first place! I could be folded in a box somewhere (in terms of flexibility) if I had kept with it. Flash forward to a few months ago when I walked into my parent's kitchen and there was this…machine, just sitting in the middle of my dining room. I had seen one before and my dad had raved about its powers over selfies sent while hanging upside down. After some thorough examination and some assistance in securing my ankles, I found myself hanging upside down as well. Although blood was rushing to my face and I felt the pressure start to build around my brain, my lower back was being stretched out and it was amazing! Despite stretching my back, legs, and neck out, I was given a fun little head rush when being turned back upright, and I even felt a little taller. (More on the “feeling and believing” to be discussed later). I encourage all of you to read up on the MANY benefits of using an Inversion table.

Best Self // Placebo

If seeing is believing then I certainly believe in dogs, cheese, and the beauty of the Napa Valley! The power of the placebo effect is something I also believe in and it’s something I’ve attempted to implement into my life. The placebo effect isn’t a “new thing” by any means and although it is kind of far-fetched for some people, I believe it does work. I witnessed this magic at work a few years ago when at a party a girl was given a shot of water and told it was vodka - yes she was drunk, but she took that shot of water and proceeded to talk about how rough it was on the way down. When my sister was younger, she started taking caffeine pills that my parents swapped out with Vitamin C pills.She never knew, but she still felt energized. Does placebo work if you know that you’re tricking yourself though? I tested it out during college dead week and finals week for myself last month. Waking up at 5 am is normal for some, but very abnormal for yours truly. Every morning for those two weeks, I would wake up and tell myself (out loud) that the day was beautiful, I loved waking up at 5 am, and that one cup of coffee would suffice for the entire day. Now, by the end of the two weeks, I am sure my body clock was reset etc, but I truly did wake up happier each day and celebrated after my last final. Harvard and other institutions have done studies on the power of placebo - Check one of them out here! The point of the story is, your mind is super powerful and we only utilize a small percentage of it. If you need to change your outlook on something, take steps by speaking to yourself out loud on the change you want to make or feel. Try this out for a week and see how you do! Believing that one cup of coffee can help me make it through an entire day when you’re a 4-cup-a-day kinda gal is tough but doable.

K10 aka Kirsten

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