Wednesday Wave Vol. 22

Wednesday Wave Vol. 22

Lake Tahoe by Trevor Bexon via Flickr

In honor of the crazy heat wave we are experiencing in California this week, today's Wednesday Wave lists my top 5 Northern California Lakes where I like to cool down. This is not an exhaustive list, but these are my top 5 based on personal experience.

  1. Lake Tahoe - Without a doubt the king of all California lakes, Lake Tahoe combines unrivaled beauty, crystal clear waters, and great watersport accessibility.
  2. Lake Berryessa - I am biased here because this is my home lake. There is no development along Berryessa so there is minimal traffic on this huge body of water. A great spot for fishing, camping and boating sports.
  3. Shasta Lake - Truth be told, I have never spent time on Shasta's beautiful waters. But having driven around it and experienced its breathtaking vistas, Shasta undoubtedly belongs on this list. I plan to jump into its waters soon.
  4. Lake Sonoma - The smallest of the 5 lakes listed, but still a great watersport destination. Sonoma tends to be crowded on the weekends, but there are enough inlets so you can find your secluded sanctuary.
  5. Clear Lake - If you like fishing or hunting, Clear Lake is for you. It is the largest body of fresh water in California (portions of Lake Tahoe are in Nevada) and is the home to some monster fish. The largest bass caught on Clear Lake was 17.52 pounds in 1990. Challenge accepted...

I have neglected to include some other great lakes such as Trinity Lake, Lake Oroville, and Eagle Lake, but until I get to spend time on these beauties, I cannot speak to them. Happy lake living!


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