Wednesday Wave Vol. 20

Wednesday Wave Vol. 20
Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue, Seychelles via Flickr

World Oceans Day is tomorrow, Thursday, June 8th. Celebrated across the globe since 1992, this day is dedicated to honor, recognize the impact we have on our oceans and what we can do to protect them now and create a sustainable future for generations to come. To celebrate, this week’s Wave is dedicated entirely to a few of my must visit beaches all over the world. In no particular order here are 10 beaches I’ve been to and a few I hope to get to someday:

  1. Seven Mile Beach - Negril, Jamaica
    I’ve had the chance to vacation here a couple times and its hands down one of my favorite beaches. These Caribbean waters are warm, calm and the snorkeling is amazing. You can also get a killer Piña Colada just about anywhere.
  2. Pheiffer Beach - Big Sur, California
    Although it's currently closed due to road conditions from heavy rains last winter, it’s a must visit beach. Not great for swimming because of the typically rough surf and chilly water, pack a lunch and hang out for the afternoon. The views are dramatic and it's usually never too crowded.
  3. Mosquito Bay - Vieques, Puerto Rico
    After a trip to Puerto Rico a few years ago, I immediately regretted not visiting the Island of Vieques. Not only does it have amazing beaches, its home to one of the best and brightest bioluminescent bays in the world. Best viewed at night during the new moon, microorganisms create a burst of bright blue light when they come in contact with one another.
  4. Queens Bath - Princeville, HI
    Located on the Island of Kauai, Queens Bath is not exactly a beach, but a tide pool. The best time to visit is summer when the tide is low, otherwise, it can be very dangerous.
  5. Bondi Beach - Sydney, Australia
    Bondi Beach might be one of Australia’s most famous beaches but its still on my bucket list. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the beach is the Bondi Baths, a saltwater pool built into the cliffs at the south end of the beach. Colder than the actual ocean, waves crash over the side and you might even spot a fish when swimming laps.
  6. Cathedrals Beach - Ribadeo, Spain
    Another beach to visit during low tide. Cathedrals Beach gets its name from the giant rock formations that resemble the flying buttresses found in cathedrals. Eroded over millions of years it’s an incredible site.
  7. Maya Bay - Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
    Maya Bay is where the Movie the Beach was filmed. Despite being a huge tourist attraction, I would still love to check out this beautiful place. Only accessible by boat, from what I’ve read, get an early start to avoid some of the crowds.
  8. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - Leelanau County, Michigan
    The only beach on my list that is not on an ocean, Sleeping Bear Dunes is one of the most spectacular lake beaches I’ve ever seen. This 35-mile stretch in Northern Michigan is well worth a visit. The water is crystal clear and best of all, you don’t need to worry about scary salt water creatures. The view from the top of the 450-foot dunes is amazing.
  9. Navagio (Shipwreak) Beach - Zakynthos, Greece
    Located on the northwest coast of Zakynthos island, this beach is accessible only by boat. Named after a smugglers ship that ran aground here in 1981 (which still resides on the shore), this beach is an extremely popular destination. The waters are turquoise, the sand is pristine and the cliffs create a dramatic backdrop.
  10. Anse Source d'Argent - La Digue, Seychelles
    If you want to get away, this is the place. This archipelago is made up of 115 tiny islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Unique granite boulders dot the shoreline and provide lots of opportunity for exploration. The water here is clear and shallow thanks to the reefs that protect it. It's no wonder Seychelles was once thought to be the location of the Garden of Eden. 

Covering 70% of the earth’s surface, they hold 97% of our water and are responsible for producing more than half of our oxygen supply. So tomorrow and for the rest of the week, take a little time to consider our oceans and the impact our actions have on them. To participate in World Oceans Day, find an event near you here!

Happy World Oceans Day,

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