Wednesday Wave Vol. 19

Wednesday Wave Vol. 19
1959 eruption of Kilauea Volcano

New Place // Kona, Hawaii

A dear friend of mine is getting married in Kona, Hawaii in December. So that means I have a trip to plan. The wedding is in December so I have some time, but I am writing this now in the hopes I will get some tips from our readers. Some things I really want to check out are Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, Akaka Falls State Park and the Wailuku River State Park. These seem like some of the best parks in the area for volcanoes and waterfalls, but I would be love to hear any other recommendations for beaches, hikes or cool places to check out in the comments below.

Cool Thing // Dropbox for Business - Smart Sync

I have been using Dropbox for as long as I can remember. I got by on the free version for many years. All of our companies photos were about 300 GBs, so I upgraded to Dropbox Plus. This was great for a time until team members with smaller local hard drives tried to access our photos folder. Dropbox needed to sync the entire folder to your local drive, so everyone needed at least 300 GBs of local storage. Recently Dropbox released Smart Sync which allows you to see you cloud files without storing them locally. You can download them on an as needed basis. This is a game changer for our team and I happily upgraded to Dropbox for Business to get access to Smart Sync. 

Best Self // Local Running Shops

I recently bought a new pair of running shoes. In the past, I would purchase the least expensive pair of Nike running shoes from Amazon. However, with my new shoes, I went to the local running shop. Healdsburg Running Company measured my feet with a computer, studied how I ran, had me test out 8 different shoes and educated me on the pros and cons of each. You cannot get this type of experience shopping online. So, in the future, when I am shopping for something that is going to protect my body and health, I am going to find a local expert to help me do it right. 

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