Wednesday Wave Vol.18

Wednesday Wave Vol.18
Sand Harbor, Purple Bullet via Flickr

New Place // Lake Tahoe

One of the best qualities about living in California is there is not a whole lot that you can’t do here. From mountain climbing, biking, camping, snowboarding, fishing, the list goes on. One place that offers so many possibilities in a more condensed space is Lake Tahoe. It’s an alpine paradise, for sure, a winter wonderland November through April and gorgeous mountain tops spring, summer, and fall after that. Oh yeah, it also averages 300 days of sunshine each and every year. Kind of tough to beat these conditions! If you ever wanted to experience nature in all its glory and have an action filled adventure make your next visit Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is split into the North and South sides. Both have so much to offer but check out the links and let me know if you make it out there. You will not be disappointed, enjoy!

Cool Thing // LifeProof

If you have ever had any issues with a cell phone getting damaged from the water, dust, dirt, or just wear and tear then LifeProof is the answer. Personally, I have had all of the above happen so I needed a case that would stand up to all the elements. I looked at Otter Box but let’s face it, it’s kind of like carrying a brick in your pocket. With the LifeProof case you get dirt proof, waterproof, drop proof, and many other features with a really slick and sleek case. Check it out for yourself, but so far my phone after 3 months of use is still looking fresh and functioning like new. Will keep you posted if this case lets me down.

Best Self // Soul Cycle

Although Soul Cycle has been around since 2006 I just experienced it for the first time two weeks ago, and it was an amazing experience. From the moment you walk into the dark almost night club type set-up, there is an energy that you can feel. Each studio is filled with a grid of special SoulCycle bikes designed specifically for their elevated way of cycling. You’ll do push-ups on your bike handles, all while bouncing in time to the music in a pulsing, dance-like set of motions. There is also a weights portion to the class which adds a lot to the workout. The instructors urge you to let go of all the stresses in your life and just be there, in-the-moment, cycling it all out. They tell you to use your family, friends, and partners as motivation to keep pushing harder, to be your best self not just for you, but for them too. Such an amazing workout for the mind and the body. Definitely going back!

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