Wednesday Wave Vol. 17

Wednesday Wave Vol. 17
Travertine Hot Springs, John Fowler via Flickr

New Place // Travertine Hot Springs, Bridgeport, Ca

Along Highway 395 on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range are a number of natural hot springs. A few have been turned into resorts and spas while many, like Travertine, are on public lands and completely free. Although Travertine is a more popular hot spring, there is a good reason why. Not only is it easy to get to, the view is absolutely stunning.

Since you’re in the neighborhood you might as well check out Buckeye Hot Springs. Also in Bridgeport, this spring is located right next to a cold creek so you can cool down when you get too warm. There is something truly magical about soaking in a natural hot spring and I can’t recommend it highly enough. My advice is to talk to the locals you encounter and they might tell you some insider hot springer info. Want more hot spring action? This book lists more than 100 hot springs in California and Nevada including Wild Willys, which the Waves squad checked out last summer!

Cool Thing // Portable Outdoor Shower

One thing I would love to purchase for outdoor adventures this summer is a portable outdoor shower. There are two that I have my eye on. The first is a solar shower similar to this one from Seattle Sports. Extremely affordable at $14.95, it’s simple and will get the job done. Fill the 5-gallon bag with water, place it in the sun for a few hours and when you’re ready to use, simply open the valve and rinse. A few of the negative reviews mentioned low water pressure and that it took a while for the water temperature to heat up. You must also have it hanging or raised above whatever you are rinsing because it works with gravity.

The other option is the Nemo Helio Luxury Pressure Shower. It’s more expensive than the solar shower at $139 but it is also more versatile. A hose with a spray nozzle on the end will allow you to shower, clean dishes, spray down gear, feet, or your dog. The Helio also sits on the ground and is pressurized with a foot pump. The 5.8-gallon bladder provides 5-7 minutes of water pressure. The downside to the Helio shower is that it does not claim to be “solar” which could mean no hot showers. Whatever I decide, to have some form of running water at the beach or at a remote campsite would be a luxury.

Best Self // Airplane Mode

My phone also doubles as my alarm clock, which means it sits on my nightstand right next to my head while I’m sleeping every night. I’ve recently been placing it on airplane mode before I fall asleep which disables cellular and WIFI radio transmitters. My main reason for starting this was because of the unknown effects radiation emitted from phones has on your health. Results from studies such as this one, do suggest there is something to worry about. So I am going with the better safe than sorry approach for now. Radiation reasons aside, there is another major bonus to turning off any RF transmissions, a more restful night sleep. Switching your phone to airplane blocks all beeps or dings coming in from calls, texts, updates, etc. Your sleep cycle will not be interrupted and you can decide when you want to turn it back on in the morning. Try it for a week and let me know how you feel!

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