Wednesday Wave Vol. 16

Wednesday Wave Vol. 16
Molly standing in front of Crater Lake (at least we were told it was behind her)

New Place // Crater Lake 

I have written about Crater Lake in the past, and I needed to take this opportunity to let you all know a little travel tip I was just brutally reminded of. Check the weather before you go. My girlfriend (Molly) and I made the long detour to Crater Lake on our way to Bend. We drove up the mountain through a killer snow storm expecting to be rewarded with an amazing view of the lake as we drove around the Rim Drive. Well, the Rim Drive was buried beneath 10s of feet of snow (closed) and you could not see the lake at all. So technically I have been to Crater Lake, but because I did not check the weather, I have not seen Crater Lake.

Cool Thing // Pizza Stone

I was recently gifted a pizza stone by my dear friend Jordan. He has been cooking with one for as long as I can remember. Now, I only wish he had gifted one to me earlier. You can place the stone in the oven or on the BBQ. I have put mine on my BBQ since we do most of our cooking outside now that the rainy season has passed. The stone will give anything an amazingly crispy crust. Turn on the heat and give the stone some time to warm up, then you can throw anything on it. I recently used it for grilled cheese (amazing), to warm up corn tortillas, crisp up a soggy delivery pizza, and cooked fresh homemade pizza. This is my new favorite grill accessory and plan to cook a lot of interesting things on it all summer long.

Best Self // Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is the practice of using cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness. I have heard a lot about the power of cold therapy from the likes of Tony Robbins and Wim Hof. Submerging your body in an ice bath or going for a Cryotherapy session has the power to increase collagen production, reduce chronic pain and inflammation, increase blood circulation, detox the immune system, boost your metabolism among many other benefits. Recently, a Cryotherapy Spa, Calistoga Cryo, opened up in Calistoga. I treated myself to a session and I have to say I felt amazing. I was so impressed I bought a ten pack of sessions. 3 minutes at -150 degrees and your body feels amazing. I could not recommend cryotherapy highly enough.


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