Wednesday Wave Vol. 13

Wednesday Wave Vol. 13

New Place // Redwood National Park

In WW vol. 7 I mentioned that I had a road tripped planned to see my college friends in Bend, Oregon. I also mentioned that on the way up I was going to check out Crater Lake National Park. Well, my girlfriend and I decided to add another stop and swing through Redwood National Park as well. I could not resist a quick detour to see the world's tallest trees.

I was pretty pumped to find out that it is also peak whale migration season. Since Redwood butts up to the coast, I am hopeful to see some when we check out High Bluffs Overlook. There are also Roosevelt Elk near Praire Creek where we will stay for the night, so hopefully, I can see some of those mythical creatures. We will not be able to stay long, but this trip will undoubtedly inspire a trip back in the near future. 

Look out for an Adventures post in the upcoming weeks with pictures from Redwood and Crater Lake.

Cool Thing // Peak Design Capture Pro

I do a lot of hiking and have tried many different ways to keep my DSLR camera accessible when on the trail. The solution I am currently using and have fallen in love with is the Peak Design Capture Pro. I typically have the clip attached to my belt or backpack shoulder strap. The clip has a quick release feature so I can grab my camera at a moments notice. I took this product with me to the top of Mt. Whitney and it was probably the only way I managed to carry my DSLR 21 miles up and down a mountain. Peak does a great job of showcasing their products so check them out online to learn more.

Best Self // Mindful Yoga

If you have been following my Waves, you may have noticed a bit of a pattern forming. I am on a quest to loosen up my lower back. I mentioned in WW Vol. 7 that I started doing hot yoga and that it has helped to loosen up my muscles especially in my lower back. Well, I went to a new yoga class last night and it was a game changer: Mindful Vinyasa Flow with Ulrika. I had been hearing about Ulrika for some time. She is extremely well known in the yoga community around here, but I had never taken her class. 90 minutes after I met Ulrika, my body never felt better. The class was filled with deep stretching and accompanied with thoughtful explanations provided by Ulrika on why it is important to have each body part we were working on open and full of oxygen. Not only did my body feel great, but my understanding of my own body increased tremendously.

Ulrika teaches in a few different places in Calistoga and Larkspur. If you are in the area check out her schedule. She also guides yoga retreats all over the world. Could not recommend her highly enough.

That's it for this week.


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