Wednesday Wave Vol.12

Wednesday Wave Vol.12
Monument Valley at Night by John Fowler via Flickr

New Place // Monument Valley

There are places we visit which we will never forget and are changed forever after we do. One of those special places is Monument Valley. Located on Navajo lands, Monument Valley has been declared to be a Tribal Park which visitors can explore the breathtaking views and terrain via a bumpy dirt road. A 4 wheel drive vehicle is recommended. Along with its beautiful landscapes, there are many hiking trails, and camping to be enjoyed by all. This isolated sandy desert has also been filmed and photographed countless times over the years. Remember when Forrest Gump decides "I'm kinda tired now?". If you want a vision of the American West and a peak into what makes our planet so special look no further than Monument Valley. Hoping to plan a trip this summer and will definitely report back if I make it out there.

Cool Thing // Audible

I have been using Audible for almost two years now and it has definitely changed my life in a profound way. Audible sells digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers. There is a monthly fee of $14.95 which includes a free 1 credit download that can be used at any time. Listen to content on your computer from the website or download directly to your phone. My favorite highlight is that once downloaded I can listen to my content anywhere even if I don't have any service. With all the driving I do, having Audible has given me the power to gain knowledge and insight on a wide variety of subjects all while just driving to work. Pretty awesome!

Best Self // Gymnastic Strength Training

With so many different types of workouts to choose from today, knowing which one is right for you can be very tricky. So why GST? For most of us, myself included, I am not a professional athlete, not someone looking to squat a small car, or think lifting hundreds of pounds over my head is in my future. However, the idea of being in great shape, increasing my flexibility and not having an achy body as I age sounds fantastic. GST is about using your body like you never have before. It combines bodyweight type exercises with mobility work. Best of all, you don't have to go to the gym to get this amazing invigorating workout. I am just scratching the surface but will keep you posted on my progression. My main goal is to get stronger and reduce my low back pain that I have been suffering on and off for almost ten years.

Keep Moving!

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