Wednesday Wave Vol 1

Wednesday Wave Vol 1

Introducing the Wednesday Wave

Our team just got back from a two-day strategizing retreat where the main focus was our core mission. Who are we and what do we stand for? We determined the following four core concepts represent Waves and define our purpose and goals as a brand:

  1. Design and build quality products that make our outdoor and daily lives better, then offer those products at a fair price
  2. Treat our customers like they are family
  3. Success in business is never more important than making time for ourselves, family and friends, and of course adventure
  4. Leave each place better than you found it

Core concept #3 was a big part of the discussion which we continued to revisit. How would we hold each other accountable to this core idea? Thus was born the Wednesday Wave. This weekly blog is a composition of ideas and tips that each member of our squad will write about on a new adventure we want to investigate, an instrument we are testing, and a mindful exercise we are practicing. The intention: work to achieve our best, happiest, sincerest selves through sharing New Places, Cool Stuff, and methods of achieving our Best Self.

The Wednesday Wave is designed to inspire our squad, and also to inspire you, our incredible customers and fans. Let's all get out there and enjoy life to the fullest.

Wednesday Wave Vol. 1

New Place: Death Valley or Joshua Tree

The rain has been relentless this month here in Northern California, and I have been yearning for the time I can finally go camping again. These obsessive thoughts have led to an internal debate between White Tank Campground in Joshua Tree or Wildrose Campground in Death Valley. I have not yet decided (any thoughts or tips are most welcome). When I finally make a decision and book the adventure I will use the Plan Your Visit feature on the National Parks Service website.

Cool Stuff: Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Trail-Running Shoes

After about a year of trail running in my regular running shoes, I finally bit the bullet and purchased a pair of Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Trail-Running Shoes. I considered options the helpful team member at REI presented by Brooks, Vasque, Salomon and La Sportiva and decided on the Altra Lone Peak for three reasons:

  1. I have wide feet and The Lone Peak offers a wider toe box.
  2. My favorite trail is about ½ a mile from my house and to access it I run paved roads there and back. The Lone Peak has a sole that is hard enough so when I am on pavement the rubber will not wear out too quickly.
  3. It is a Zero-Drop Shoe. Most running shoes have a slight grade down from heel to toe. Zero Drop shoes are essentially flat and more closely resemble barefoot running. Research is indicating that this can help reduce running-related injuries.

Best Self: Guided Meditation

Meditation is something I have been working on for some time and have yet to master, or even come close. However, during my periods of consistent practice, I've been amazed by my ability to think clearly. I use the app Headspace and love it. I have also heard Calm and Sattva are both great apps, though I have personally not tried either. I invite any thoughts, tips or insights you have about meditation or mindfulness.

Blake Macleod

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