Waves Journey: Amelia Wampler

Waves Journey: Amelia Wampler
My name is Amelia Wampler and I currently live in Allendale, Michigan, where I attend Grand Valley State University, I’ve been a Waves Gear ambassador for over a year now and I love getting to test and utilize their products whenever I can! Last week during our preseason for soccer, my team decided to spend the day at Grand Haven Beach in Grand Haven, Michigan, for a little team bonding. This beach is on the coast of Lake Michigan with incredibly soft sand and crystal-clear blue water. Upon arrival our team immediately noticed a long row of volleyball nets where we could play a couple of games, there was also a playground where many families brought their kids to play.

While half our team was occupied playing a competitive match of beach volleyball, others decided to swim in the water, which was cold, but felt refreshing on the hot summer day. Another group decided to take a walk down one of the long piers that leads to a lighthouse, which later turned into a photo opportunity for many, along with dog walkers, families, and many more people. On this trip I decided to bring my Dry Bag Tote to test out in the various conditions at the beach such as sand, wind and water, and I’ll have to admit I give it an A+. the bag kept all my belongings completely safe and dry from the sand and water due to its waterproof design and convenient pockets for storage, and I could easily fit all my necessities for a day at the beach.

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