New Waves Website

New Waves Website

After many long months working on a new website for Waves, we are extremely excited to finally launch. The decision to redesign our website was made for a few key reasons. The biggest priority was to optimize our mobile shopping experience for our customers, but we also wanted a way to showcase our products and tell their story more clearly. Below is a list of a few of my favorite new features and designs.

  1. Blog - Our blog now has a beautiful design that really allows for our adventures to come to life. The filters allow you to easily jump to our different categories to help surface some older, but great content.
  2. Ambassadors - This year we have spent a lot of time working to build our ambassador program. The program now has a beautifully designed home and each of our ambassadors has a profile page.
  3. Category Pages - Our products and their stories are now showcased beautifully on our category pages. The product features are called out and the design story is told.
  4. Product Pages - All product information is in just the right place. We tried to make it easy for our visitors to find everything they are looking for.
  5. Social - We have interlaced social sharing throughout the site so that our visitors can follow along with all that we are up to. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all have a place on the homepage.
  6. Family - Waves has a sister brand Kawartha Outdoor. Kawartha is finally easy to find right in the Shop navigation. And soon Kawartha will share a similar site design. See Kawartha's cooler bags!
  7. Icon Navigation - Each product category has a beautifully crafted icon to make site navigation even easier.
  8. Mobile Optimized - Every page has been optimized for the mobile shopping experience.

There are many other things that I love about our new site, but this list will give you a starting guide to poke around. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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