Adventures: Bryce Canyon National Park

Adventures: Bryce Canyon National Park

Last August the Waves team headed down to Bryce Canyon National Park in our rented RV after hitting the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City. All first-time RVers, we were pretty excited to set up camp and really enjoy what RV life was all about. It was Friday morning when we took off from Salt Lake City without a reservation for a campsite. Its first come first serve and luckily we secured a spot before all the sites were booked for the weekend. We even squeezed in a short hike that afternoon to get our first glimpse of the hoodoos and endless views into the canyon.

The next day we geared up for an 8-mile hike around Fairyland Loop. Diving deep into the canyon, the views, colors, and scenery were more than impressive. It was also convenient to be able to take off and return on foot from our campsite. Returning to camp, we grabbed some beers and headed right back to the rim to catch a view of the sunset. Talk about colors.

The most memorable part of our visit to Bryce was watching the sunrise. Having made coffee the night before it was a little easier to get up knowing we had a warm beverage waiting for us in our Forever Cold. Once again, we headed to the rim. We reached the top, found the perfect rock to climb out on and waited. The neon red sun popped up just as a rainstorm moved across the horizon. We sat in silence and in awe of nature.

Bryce is magical and should definitely be on your must-visit list! RVing? Not for us…maybe it was the rattling or the fact that it’s was basically a porta-potty on wheels but we like our tents much better.

The open road...somewhere between Utah and California

Bryce Canyon TrailFairyland Loop Trail

Sunset views from the rim (Forever Cold)

Bryce Canyon HoodoosLooking up at the hoodoos

Bryce Canyon TrailMike taking a break in the Kawartha Camp Chair

Bryce CanyonCanyon Views

Bryce Canyon SunriseSunrise from the rim

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