Sayulita Packing List

Sayulita Packing List

I recently traveled to Sayulita, Mexico for a family trip. I brought along my Gear as I always do and loved how it solved so many of our trips problems. Here is a breakdown of why I always travel with my Waves Gear...

Micro Towels

This is an easy one. When you travel with 3 brothers, a mother, a sister-in-law, a niece and a nephew, you could imagine the size of towel bag you need to bring to the beach. Many of the beaches we visited were off the beaten path. Our chosen mode of transportation was our rented golf cart and space was limited. A beach bag stuffed with traditional towels was not going to leave much room for anything else. For this reason, our Waves Micro Towels were a godsend. Everyone got their own towel, and the 8 towels fit in one Infinite Dry Bag with room to spare.

Infinite Dry Bags

The Infinite Dry Bags were one of the most useful pieces of gear we brought and were used daily. Aside from simply keeping our gear dry when we went on fishing and snorkeling trips, they were amazing on the beach. The sand rolled off the bag so easily, we wouldn’t bring any back with us to the house with us. They also doubled as a beach trash bag we could easily rinse out after we threw out the trash. My favorite function of the dry bag had to be the multiple ways and places we were able to attach it to our golf cart so we didn’t have to worry about losing our gear while driving through the jungle.

Forever Colds

Spending all day in the hot sun swimming and playing, you're going to drink a lot of water, so bringing the best-insulated water bottle with you on vacation is a no-brainer. But the water was not always the number one thing we needed to keep cold. We would fill a few FCs with water, but would also fill one with cold white wine, my mother's drink of choice. You always have to keep Mum happy. We didn’t have to worry about breaking a glass on the beach, and her wine stayed cold all day long.

Floating Sunglasses

Everyone needs to protect their eyes in sunny Mexico and even more important to do so if your spending time in the water. Sayulita is a well-known surf town and is also a popular destination for SUPing. I am a terrible surfer, but I have fallen in love in Stand Up Paddle, and nothing is better than paddling into a wave and riding it all the way into the beach. My floating sunglasses protected my eyes from the intense glare off the water but I also knew if I fell off my board, I wasn't going to lose my shades. Not having to worry about my shades made the hours spent standing on the water much more enjoyable.

I would highly recommend checking out Sayulita.  The people are super friendly, the food is fantastic, the surf is amazing, and the beaches are world class.  When do you book your ticket, shoot us an email and we will let you know some of our favorite spots.

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