The Ultimate Survival Tool - The Waves Micro Towel

The Ultimate Survival Tool - The Waves Micro Towel

There are many great tools you would naturally think of as being the ultimate survival tool. Knife, matches, compass, water bottle all come to mind. However, the more I travel with my Waves Micro Towel, the more I am convinced it is the Ultimate Survival Tool.

Allow me to explain. Most people think of survival as being lost in the wilderness for a week, staying alive during a zombie apocalypse, or surviving after a natural disaster. However, I think survival in a slightly less intense way. The above mentioned events will probably never happen to most of us, but smaller, less life threatening, yet potentially dangerous circumstances happen all the time. Those are the events where the Waves Micro Towel really shines.

If I am cold and do not want to be, will I die? No. Would life be better if I was warmer? Yes. If I am in Mexico and leave the house without sunscreen, will life be over? No. Would it be better if I could protect my self from the sun? Absolutely. If I cut myself and am bleeding I will most likely not die. But if I can wrap that cut with something to prevent infection I will be in much better shape.

So what does this have to do with the Waves Micro Towel? On a recent trip to the Pacific Coast of Mexico, I used my Waves Micro Towel as a blanket, sun shade, bandage, towel, cushion, cool down wrap, and a rope.

When you tear the Waves Micro Towel, it tears in a perfectly straight line. So when I needed a bandage for a stubbed toe I simply tore off a 1-inch strip of a Waves Micro towel to act as my bandage. The best part, I still had a 5’11” towel that did not fray along the tear line. My toe was protected from the sand and I still had a fully functional towel to protect my burning shoulders from the sun later that afternoon.

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