Introducing the Waves Infinite Dry Bags

Introducing the Waves Infinite Dry Bags

Today we are really excited to launch the new Waves Infinite Dry Bags. We designed and made the Infinite Dry Bags because of our need to keep our gear safe and dry whether on the water or on the trail.

When I head outdoors, like most people these days, I have a few electronic devices on me. Cell Phone, Camera, Laptop along with other things I don’t really want to get wet like my wallet or Micro Towel. With all this gear I didn’t want to get wet I found too often I was being held back.

I would bring my Paddle Board to the beach but not be able to bring the gear I wanted with me. Or I would be on a boat and be constantly worried that if we hit a big wave water would spray everywhere. There are other dry bags out there, but we needed to solve this problem the Waves Gear way.

We tested a lot of sizes of Dry Bags and found that the 30 Liter was the perfect size. Big enough to carry all your gear for a day or weekend adventure, but small enough that if you are just trying to protect a couple of phones on your boat it will not be too bulky. We constructed the Waves Infinite Dry Bag with 500D PVC, which is much thicker than most dry bags allowing the Infinite to take a beating. All of our seams are Thermal Welded to ensure no water will ever get in through the seems. And we added a removable shoulder strap and a side handle for easy transport. Add all that to our awesome two-tone design and you have the best dry bag we have ever seen, the Waves Infinite Dry Bag.

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