5 Surprising Uses for Waves Gear Infinite Dry Bag

5 Surprising Uses for Waves Gear Infinite Dry Bag

An essential part of any water, beach or boating adventure, Waves Infinite Dry Bag keeps your gear dry and safe. Aside from protecting your gear in inclement weather, there many other instances your Infinite Dry Bag can come in handy. Here are 5 of our favorite:

Emergency Pillow:

If you arrived at camp and realized you forgot your pillow or need a place to rest your head on the beach just fill your Dry Bag with air or clothes.


Fill your Dry Bag with sand or rocks, expel all the air out and seal tightly. Securely attach a rope (to both dry bag and raft) and let it sink to the bottom. Now you can fall asleep or get your paddleboard workout in without drifting away.


Haul water to your campsite to wash dishes or collect wood for your campfire.

Kettle Bell:

Take your workout with you on the road or to the beach. Turn your dry bag into a weight by adding rocks, sand or water. The Infinite Dry Bag has a 30-liter capacity, which is a lot of weight!

Laundry Machine:

On the road and in desperate need of some clean clothes. Fill with dirty clothes, add a dash of soap and shake. Fill again with clean water to rinse and hang dry. Or if you don't want to do laundry...just pack away your dirty gear and seal!


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