Kevin Gleizes

Kevin Gleizes

Kevin is a waterman and adrenaline junkie. Growing up in the French Caribbean island of Martinique, inspired a lifelong passion for watersports. Kevin has been competitive windsurfing, waterskiing, and sailboat racing since his youth, and competed on the Windsurfing Pro-Tour in 2007. During an extended stay in Australia, Kevin became enamored with kiteboarding and spend several years developing expert skill level while teaching novice and experienced kiteboarders alike.

In 2011, Kevin founded Kustom Companies for which he designs custom Kites and accessories. He even holds a utility patent for his Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board design (iSUP).

Kevin is always on the move, traveling the globe to find the most challenging spots, best winds, and most thrilling rushes. He recently launched his youtube channel where you can follow his latest adventures!

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