Emily Burkett

Emily Burkett

Emily has lived in Arizona for 10 years with her husband Jason, a German Shepherd named Boomer, and an American Akita named Sarah. She says "While the summers are horrible, November through March more than make up for the Massachusetts winters I grew up with!" Emily is currently working as a boating instructor for the City of Tempe in Tempe, Arizona where she mostly works with masters and junior rowers - but she also helps run SUP, kayaking and dragon boat classes. Emily has been involved with rowing for over 20 years at almost every level and enjoys teaching people something new, especially in the Arizona desert.  

"I spend anywhere from 2-10 hours on the lake daily and I love not having to worry about losing my sunglasses, even when the wind whips them off my head I can always find them floating just a little bit down the lake."

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