Zach Covell

Zach Covell

Zach Covell, lives and works in South Eastern Wisconsin with his wife and two sons (ages 3 and 6).  When not in the office working, he is outdoors, exploring!  Whether it’s camping, hiking or biking, it’s usually a family affair.

"I am committed to getting more kids on bikes in my role with the Wisconsin High School Mountain Bike League.  We are partnered with NICA, a national organization focused on youth development and introducing kids to the lifelong sport of cycling.  Here in Wisconsin, we have a cycling culture second to none and we spend tons of time exploring our extensive network of trails."

"I try to ride my bike year round to work, even during our cold, snowy winter months - YAY fat tire bikes!" His current favorite product is the forever cold bottle; "it’s a high quality insulated hydration solution that I can't seem to now be without."  

 Follow Zach’s adventures via instagram @outdoorsman_dad

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