June 15, 2017

About the Program

The Waves Ambassador Program is for the ultimate fan or adventurer. We are looking for people to use our products, take pictures and tell us your stories. We want your feedback so we can continue to improve our products. There is no cost to join the program and we only ask a few things in return. Click the Become an Ambassador button below if you are interested. We get a lot of requests so please allow a few days for us to get back to you.

What You Get

  • Free & Discounted Gear
  • Early Access To New Products
  • Prototype Testing & Product Input

What We Ask

  • Use & Test Our Products
  • Send & Post Pictures Of Your Adventures
  • Tell Your Friends

June 01, 2017

Evelien Langeveld

From Evelien herself, "Traveling never really appealed to me, until I set foot in Thailand. I was hooked. I decided to quit my 9 to 5 as an email marketer and I left my city crush Amsterdam to go on adventures in Southeast Asia and Australia. I'm a real beach bum, I'm a sucker for sunsets and mother nature keeps surprising me with her ever stunning beauty. I try to capture this beauty in image and words on my blog and Instagram."

Follow along with Evelien's adventures!


Instagram: @eefexplores

June 01, 2017

James Barnett

James works in tech in order to pursue his passion of outdoor photography. Camping, Hiking, Mountain Biking, and basically anything outdoors, you can find him there! 

James joined our Waves Gear team in the early months of 2017 and we are stoked to have this San Fran based photographer working with us to bring you eclectic and inspiring photos.

Check out James on Instagram: @jamezillasaurus

June 01, 2017

Glenn Fajota

Glenn is a commercial photographer that specializes in the travel and defense industry. His projects allow him to travel the world shooting images for their marketing and editorials.

"With all the heavy camera gear and sometimes video gear, my load out gets pretty heavy, so packing the lightweight Kawartha Outdoors Camp Chair allows to me rest easy when at camp and not worry about carrying extra weight. From Iceland to Mexico to my neighborhood park, I always bring my Kawartha Outdoors Camp Chair and Waves Forever Cold water bottle."

Follow Glenn's work @glennfajota or personal @nowthatsfresh

June 01, 2017

Phillip Goodwin

Phillip is a filmmaker in San Francisco, with a small production company that creates cinematic videos and animation. Always chasing the projects that make him feel like a kid again… Captivating stories, brave characters, and cinematography with a sense of wonder. He's filmed movies, TV, and commercials around the world in 10 countries, always looking for an adventure. When he is not writing and directing, he is inventing stuff with his kids and camping on the weekends.

Phillip says that his "favorite Waves is the Micro Towel, since I’m always making a mess and trying to keep my camera gear clean."

Find Phillip at phillipgoodwin.com or on Twitter @phillipgoodwin and Instagram @phillipgoodwin

June 01, 2017

Dave Fields

Dave's day jobs consist of both freelancing multidisciplinary motion design for live music events as well as product/branding design and development. While the two disciplines are relatively different in nature, I feel that it's a good way to keep a creative mindset from becoming dull and monotonous. Outside of work, I am passionate about all things outdoors, photography, travel and maintaining/expanding upon an every growing list of primarily useless hobbies.

Catch Dave on Instagram @davefields

June 01, 2017

Ian Kellems

Ian Kellems is Provo Utah travel and adventure photographer. Always down to try new foods and travel to far off lands. 

Follow Ians adventures on Instagram: @iankellems

June 01, 2017

Trey Sheehe

Every day I am grateful to live and work as a carpenter in Northern California's majestic Napa Valley. Based out of the small town of Calistoga I spend most of my time enjoying everything the great outdoors has to offer. When not at work, you can find me and my Rottweiler, Waylon Jennings, pedaling through our local palisades, chasing swell in pursuit of that next great wave, cruising with my girl to a music festival or praying for powder turns with family and friends up in Tahoe.

I get excited about almost every outdoor sport and value products that I can trust to support my passion for my adventure sports and outdoor leisure. Last summer I lost my Waves floatable sunglasses while at the Feather River only to find them floating downstream unscathed. I thought they were lost for good!

Follow Trey on Instagram: @trey_sheehe

June 01, 2017

Skye King

Skye is a Napa Valley local with a passion for adventure. An international business traveler who splits his time between Napa and Tahoe. When asked about his favorite Waves product Skye responded "I love the Forever Cold. No matter what country I end up in, I know I can count on it for fresh cold water."

Follow Skyes adventures on Instagram: @kingskye684

June 01, 2017

Jeff Lemelin

My name is Jeff Lemelin and I work as a Firefighter Paramedic in Northern California and I am married to my sweet heart of 20 years, Jen. We have two senior couch potato pugs, Max and Daisy. We live in between Santa Rosa and Calistoga with our six chickens in a small cottage.

Being a Waves Ambassador is an easy endeavor due to the high quality of gear and the spot on customer service. Currently, my favorite product is the Infinite Dry bags which keep all my photography equipment safe from the environment whether we are kayaking the waters of Main, diving in Indonesia, or hiking for the powder in Japan. My passions are, Jen, Jesus, Snowboarding, Surfing and Photography to name a few.  Get out there and get some Waves gear!

Check out Jeff's pics on Instagram: @jefflemelinphotography